SUPERCOMET 2 Teacher Seminar

SUPERCOMET 2 Teacher Seminar at Naturfagkonferansen in Oslo. Photo by Vegard Stornes Farstad, courtesy of SRD

The SUPERCOMET 2 Teacher Seminar focuses on using online animations to enrich teaching and learning of magnetism, electric conduction, electromagnetic induction and superconductivity concepts in upper secondary school. Qualitative animations make it possible to:

  • show the normally invisible magnetic and electric fields
  • have a look at the particle model for a metal lattice with variable electric field and temperatures
  • view experiments requiring superconductors and liquid nitrogen, normally not easily accessible at schools

These animations are freely available online as the SUPERCOMET Online Modules. We promote a blended learning approach where animations are used together with conventional exercises and textbook reading, as well as laboratory experiments and other ICT-based learning as models, simulations and data-logging.

The purpose of the SUPERCOMET 2 Teacher Seminar is not to cover all topics, but rather demonstrating some activities and show how the animations can be integrated with the regular teaching of the subject, alternatively suggest a pedagogical path for this part of the curriculum.

In total we have prepared a set of 4 modules of around 4 hours each that can be run together as a 2-day seminar, as two 1-day seminars or as 4 separate half-day seminars with some time between, depending on the available time. Each module can be used alone in case there is not time for all 4 modules.

The first two modules mainly focus on “traditional” physics of electromagnetism and give an introduction to superconductivity, the third tackles more or less the theory of superconductivity, and during the last module the subject is applications and a summary of different teaching methods suggested by the project.

After downloading the SUPERCOMET 2 Teacher Seminar files (around 8 MB) you will find a detailed program with presentations, work sheets and an evaluation survey form. See the SUPERCOMET 2 Teacher Guide for more information on how to use these files in order to organise the teacher seminar.


The article was written on 2011-08-24, in the category Téléchargements.

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