MOSEM² Möbius Maglev Train Poster

Title part of MOSEM² Möbius track poster

A poor substitute for the real thing, here’s the MOSEM² Möbius maglev train poster that we made for the exhibition of our world-first Möbius maglev train track, also known as a “world-first flux pinning demonstrator with a levitating train rotating about its own axis in three dimensions”.

Preview of MOSEM² Möbius track posterThe MOSEM² Möbius maglev train poster shows the physics behind and design of the Möbius-shaped magnetic track for a superconducting levitating train developed by the MOSEM² project.

PS: Also check out our video of the MOSEM² Möbius maglev train on YouTube!



The article was written on 2011-08-30, in the category Téléchargements.

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